The Bright Star Mural Restoration Project

The mural is painted on a canvas, which has been attached to the wall. Over the years there has been darkening due to an accumulation of smoke, deposits from cooking and the applications of varnish. Various chemical agents selected to remove each of the 5 layers of now discolored material without damaging the original paint layers were used to clean the mural.

Once cleaned the mural is varnished with 2 different non-yellowing coatings, which have been tested to be stable for 100 years. A first layer is intended to be left undisturbed for the life of the mural but is removable without harm to the mural should some future conditions dictate it.

A second top layer of varnish is then applied. This is removable in mild solvents and is resistant to moisture and oils. This layer is intended to be removable without affecting the base varnish layer. In this way it will be possible to clean the mural without needing to remove varnish. In the event this top layer. must be removed it can be easily reapplied without the need for extensive treatment