Snapper Greek Style

    • $32.95

Broiled snapper with pure olive oil, lemon sauce, light oregano, and chef’s special seasonings

Blackened Snapper

    • $31.95

Our in-house blackened seasonings served with a creamy wine sauce

Snapper Almondine

    • $31.95

Fried or Boiled, topped with roasted almonds and butter

Fried Snapper Throats

    • $27.95

A Bright Star Favorite

"Greek Style" Snapper Throats

    • $27.95

Fillet of Snapper Fried or Boiled

    • $30.95

The freshest fish

Stuffed Snapper

    • $34.95

Fillet of snapper baked and stuffed with crabmeat and shrimp dressing